In our last blog post, we talked you through the step by step process of how to paint skirting board, whether you opt for SAM primed MDF mouldings or timber. There are plenty of materials to choose from, but what if we could cut out the painting altogether with a material that arrives fully finished?

SAM Zero fully finished MDF mouldings are finished with an acrylic topcoat on top of two coats of primer, giving them a high shine finish that can’t be easily achieved with gloss paint. Simply install, sit back and admire your freshly fit skirting with no extra labour required.

Now we ask the question: How will using SAM Zero fully finished MDF mouldings save you time compared to SAM primed MDF mouldings?

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What you will need for installation:

To begin, you will need to gather together the appropriate tools and extra accessories to begin the installation:


For SAM Primed MDF:

  • Instant grab adhesive - £12*
  • Nails - £6-£7 for 1kg pack*
  • Trade claw hammer - £12
  • Acrylic filler (or use multi-purpose adhesive) - £3-£8*
  • Chop saw and bench (price based on 2-day hire) £60-£80*
  • Coping saw £8-£14*
  • 2” paint brush - £5-£15*
  • Sandpaper - £2-£8*
  • Undercoat - £15-£20 for 1L*
  • Topcoat - £15-£20 for 1L*



For SAM Zero fully finished MDF:

  • Instant grab adhesive - £12*
  • Acrylic filler - £3*
  • Chop saw and bench (price based on 2-day hire) - £60-£80*
  • Nail gun and nails (price based on 2-day hire) - £35-£65*
  • Industrial wipes - £12*



*Costs taken from major DIY store at the time of writing this article (August 2020) and will vary depending on brand and product quality.

Based on a standard sized room roughly 3m x 4m.


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SAM primed MDF skirting will require some attention before installation. To begin, you will need to measure your skirting and cut the lengths to fit your standard sized room. You can use either a chop saw or hand saw to cut your primed MDF skirting to size – to achieve smooth, precise ends we do recommend using a chop saw. Next, mitre and scribe the profile with a coping saw at a 90-degree angle for internal corners.

Similarly, you will need to cut your SAM Zero fully finished MDF skirting to fit your room, using a chop saw to ensure you get a clean-cut finish and to avoid chipping the surface paint. Cut your SAM Zero skirting at a 45-degree angle depending on your wall corners, adjusting accordingly.



Once cut correctly to size, you are ready to secure to your wall. Apply instant grab adhesive to the back of your skirting in one long squiggled line and press against the wall, applying pressure or prop an object against the skirting for support until the adhesive sets. If required, use lost head nails to further secure your skirting to the wall, filling any nail holes as required with a wood-based filler. To create a clean and consistent finish, use acrylic filler to caulk the top of your skirting where it meets the wall, smoothing out with your finger or spatula. Do the same for the internal corners.


skirting mitre joints external text      adhesive on skirting

One of the main differences between cutting and installing SAM Zero and SAM primed MDF mouldings is that SAM Zero should be handled with care and consideration, as it is already supplied with a high shine acrylic topcoat. Once cut to size, use the same method of applying adhesive and pressing against the wall. If you wish to make your skirting extra secure, you may use a nail gun with the smallest possible nails, filling the nail holes with a colour matched adhesive. Caulk any gaps at the mitre joints and at the top where your skirting meets the wall, creating a smooth finish using your finger or spatula.



Now that your skirting is cut and installed, you will need to prepare it for painting. For SAM primed MDF skirting, simply rub with a fine sandpaper (de-nib), approximately 280-320 grit, creating a key for the paint to stick to when applied. We recommend rubbing SAM primed MDF skirting lightly with sandpaper between coats to ensure a smooth finish.

If you choose to opt for SAM Zero fully finished MDF skirting instead, there is no need to rub with sandpaper nor prepare for any further topcoat.

SAM Zero Bye Bye Brush Background

When painting SAM primed MDF mouldings, you have the option of either oil-based or water-based paint. Water-based paint is better for the environment, dries quicker and makes clean up easier with no specific brush cleaner required. Simply dip your brush bristles halfway into the paint, wiping off any excess to ensure your brush isn’t overloaded. Run the brush from side to side along your skirting board, starting at the edge and continue to coat until the whole surface is covered evenly. Depending on your colour choice, one to two further coats may be applied. Allow time for drying and lightly abrade with sandpaper in between, as per paint manufacturer instructions.

For SAM Zero fully finished MDF mouldings, there is no need to paint. Simply use an industrial wipe to clean up any extra adhesive or dust from the surface, and you’re done!



It’s clear to see that by using SAM Zero fully finished MDF mouldings, you can save yourself time on your project. There’s no excessive preparation needed nor painting, with a smooth, consistent finish still easily achieved. Simply install, sit back and relax.

For a simple breakdown, take a look at our 'SAM Zero vs SAM primed' infographic here.


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